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Designer Reka Reek

Kroonz is a culture brand that supports self love and awareness. The custom head wear pieces were created by a unique designer by the name of  Reka Reek who is also known as "The Hat Lady". Since growing up as a young girl Reka Reek has always been moved by fashion and self expression while truly believing that your presentation tells your story. Kroonz Wear specializes in handmade and one of a kind hats also known as crowns.


The word Kroonz originally comes from the word kroon which means crown in the Afrikaans language. The Message behind the movement is to "Protect your Temple" in light of your crown. The theory behind the crowning is by representing each Queen and King with their individual light, that its function is to further awareness and deeper understanding of self. 

There are many different varieties of colors, textures and styles to choose from or to inspire your next custom crown. From High tops representing royalty at its best to the Open Tops allowing your roots to stem free. Kroonz are more than just another hat in the streets. Kroonz are a lifestyle and a mentality. Be an individual. Lead your community. 




Pop Up Kroonz Wear Co
A Happy Customer wearing her Turquoise Vegan Leather Kroonz Wear Hat.
Atlanta Jazz Festival
Designer RekaReek poses with a happy customer at a Festival.
Designer Reka Reek posing in picture with Dj Hour Glass in Atlanta Ga
Kroonz Wear T Shirts and CynSumLuv Bandanas
One Music Festival w/ Kroonz Wear Pop Up
Kroonz Wear Booth Pictures in Atlanta, Ga
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